Forget what you think you know about how vitamins affect beauty and skin care because here comes a whole lot of truth!

By Praseetha Naidu

In this day and age, with everything moving fast without so much as a pause, it is no surprise that humans turn to whatever product that promises us that we can keep up with the pressure.

So you go through that 40-minute-long skin care regime and your face is just not clearing up? Well, chances are your skin is probably lacking nutrients. While a healthy diet plays a huge role in that, our body can also lack vitamins that a standard diet just cannot provide. Often, consumers are scared away by beauty products saying that natural is always best and that using anything stronger will harm their skin. This is far from the truth. While natural may be great, it is not the solution for every skin type. We have compiled 10 vitamin beauty myths that are often misunderstood.

Myth 1: Vitamins are not going to help with beauty.

A good diet only takes you so far. Vitamin A is known for having benefits for brighter and clearer skin while reducing the effects of ageing. So say goodbye to deepened wrinkles!

Myth 2: My skin care regimen will take care of everything!

Sadly, this is not true. You can slather creams and serums but for troubled spots and those suffering from rosacea, you might want to give Vitamin B complex a try. It has been proven to reduce redness and clear up a troubled face.

Myth 3: Vitamins C is only beneficial health wise.

This is not entirely true. Yes, Vitamin C is an amazing source of fibre and helps fight against bacteria but at the same time, it helps get rid of spots! Slather on some vitamin C creams every morning and watch those stubborn pimples fade away.

Myth 4: I can use raw food instead of man-made creams.

Yes, you absolutely are able to do that. However, this will only work if you already have flawless skin and are just looking to refresh and brighten it. For stubborn skin, you need to bring out the big guns. Creams that are chock full of vitamins are better as it has chemicals that will concentrate on getting rid of a specific problem.

Myth 5: Any sunblock is a good sunblock.

Sure, that is half true. Keep in mind that while you want to keep those UV rays out, you also want to keep the good stuff in, like moisture and minerals. Keep an eye out for sunblocks that contain Vitamin E, as this helps lock in moisture while keeping out dirt, heat and harmful rays.

Myth 6: Folic Acid should only be taken by pregnant women.

While beneficial for expecting mothers, folic acid assists in detoxing and is known for making your hair healthy and shiny! Take the recommend dose and watch those tresses shine.

Myth 7: Eating loads of peanuts will help with nail growth

You are going to have to eat a bucket of peanuts a day for that to happen. The key vitamin that makes our nails healthy is called Biotin. Sadly, the dosage of this vitamin found in our food is extremely low. We recommend looking for creams that have Biotin in it or just take some pills that cater to a specific problem like brittle nails.

Myth 8: Supplements make me gain weight.

Vitamins have no calories in it and that means no weight gain!

Myth 9: Vitamin D can be obtained from a balanced diet alone.

Vitamin D is almost impossible to obtain from food alone. So unless you are willing gulp down 10 glasses of milk and eat half a dozen fish a day, you are going to need supplements. Some say you can just get Vitamin D by sunbathing for a couple of minutes a day. Sadly, this is not true unless you are willing to sit in the sun for an hour without sunscreen on.

Myth 10: I can get my Omega 3 from fish alone.

This is debatable. If you are able to eat fish on a daily basis, especially salmon, then an omega 3 pill might not necessary for you. However, for those who are not a huge fan of seafood or anything fishy, this pill is an amazing source of protein while keeping your skin and hair flawless! Plus, it’s also known to improve memory and focus!

In summary, keep your skin health in check with a balanced diet and remember not to go overboard by taking too many supplements. Always ask a professional if you are not sure how much you should take. If you are looking to whiten up that dull skin of yours, check out some safe DIY home skin whitening remedies with all natural ingredients.

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