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It’s almost the end of the year, so most of us have probably started planning new year’s resolutions that we stick to for the first few days, but somehow fizzles out after several weeks or months. The trick is to setting a specific schedule and committing yourself to sticking to the schedule, so your mind and body gets used to it. Here are some of the new years’ resolutions our #WeStyleAsia team has resolved for next year to help kick start yours!

Improve Your Skincare Rituals!

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  1. Use sunscreen daily!

The continuously depleting ozone layer has put us at a higher risk of getting affected from the harmful rays from the sun. While you do need the sun for your daily dose of Vitamin D, it does not imply that you should put your health at risk! Invest in a good sunscreen brand, and apply daily to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays. Read more about sunscreen here.

  1. Set weekly routines

Make “Peel, mask, moisturize” your new skincare mantra. Slough dead skins away with a gentle exfoliating scrub and let the mask ingredients penetrate into your pores. Don’t forget to use masks suitable your skin type and conditions. Exfoliate and use masks weekly, as per the product instructions.

  1. Get seasonal facials

A face with no facial love can appear haggard or tired. Your face battles the UV ray and harsh environmental elements on a daily basis. Over time, the battle scars against all the water will show on your face. Schedule some seasonal facial care suitable for your skin type at least monthly to nourish your skin back to life against the tough environment.

Manage Your Haircare Better!

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  1. Reduce Blowdrying

Are you guilty of applying too much direct heat to your tresses? The heat of a dryer can cause more damage to your hair, as wet hair is more fragile and easier to damage. Whenever possible, try to us towel-dry instead. If you still need to blow your hair, then be sure to pre-treat your hair with protection products before exposing them to the heat from your blow dryer.

  1. Reduce split ends by increasing your haircut!

The older and longer the hair, the more split-end bound they are. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them! However, prevention is better than cure, so we suggest to trim your hair frequently to avoid split ends. Don’t forget to treat your hair with virgin coconut oil to nourish the ends!

  1. Explore a new hairstyle this year!

There are no right or wrong kind of hairstyles! If you kept your hair long in 2017, why not opt to snip it off for 2018?  Happy with your current hair length? Be bold in a different way and try out a different hair color to stand out! We believe everyone should change up their hairstyle at least once a year. Who knows, your new look probably suits you more than you would believe!

Take Better Care of Your Cuticles!

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  1. Explore new nail color!

Be more innovative for the new year by exploring new colours you have yet to try, or try matching two or more contrasting colours! We also love how metallics such as chrome exudes more depth, intensity and sophistication! Some new colors to explore include Aubergine, Sheer Hunter Green and Cool Gray. Make it part of your new year’s resolution to explore a new nail colour every month!

  1. Stop biting your nails (if you haven’t)!

There are million reasons why people bite their nails. If you’re a nail biter, try to kick this habit to the curb by keeping your hands busy away from your mouth, such as applying bitter nail polish to your nails, chewing on gum, and squeezing a stress ball. Train your mind to distract yourself from biting your nails and you might just cross this off your to-do list soon!

  1. Treat Your Cuticles Frequently!

Some people tend to forget to give their cuticles some pampering and spoiling! Avoid cutting overgrown cuticles, and use a cuticle remover to soften it instead. We also suggest leaving it to the pro’s so they can buff and polish your nails as well. Make it a habit to visit your local manicurist at least on a monthly basis this coming new year!

Revamp Your Make-Up Regime!

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  1. Clean your make-up brushes frequently!

Are you guilty of not remembering the last time you cleaned your make-up brushes? Just imagine the sweat and bacteria that accumulates over time as you apply over your skin! Clean your beauty tools on a weekly basis to prevent bacteria build up, and practice soaping your brushes regularly to extend the bristles lifespan and better makeup application!

  1. Avoid excessive make-up usage!

There are ways to tell if you have too much makeup on; a quick peek in the mirror would be the best indication, but sometimes, that’s not enough. Let one feature of your face be the focus – be it your eyes, or lips – and let your natural beauty shine through. Practice going make-up free at least once a week to let your skin breath!

  1. Explore bold lippie shades that best suit your skin tone!

It is time to go out from your comfort zone and try something more daring next year! If purple, black or blue is too loud for you, try with different shades of red and go bolder and brighter as you get used to it! A general tip is if you’re highlighting your lips with a vibrant colour, tone down make-up for other facial features. Try a different lippie colour at least once monthly for the upcoming year!

Improve Your Own General Wellness & Being!

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  1. Declutter!

Clutter often happens because either the things don’t like their home or they don’t have home. Start by identifying old styling products that you have not touched for ages, segmenting them into boxes and choose which one stays, which ones don’t. Throw away the ones you haven’t touched and don’t look back! Practice this at least once a month to keep your house clutter-free for the whole of the new year!

  1. Increase Your Beauty Sleep!

De-stress yourself by getting more beauty sleep, because you deserve it! A recommended sleep of eight hours of sleep helps to prevent skin wrinkles and inflammation, as well as stimulates muscle growth and inhibits fat production. Try to increase your sleep to fill the 8 hours quota as much as you can for the upcoming year!

  1. Spoil Your Body with Massages!

Different massage types serves different purposes Before you go for any massages, be sure to inform your massage therapist the problems you currently face and which massage type they would recommend. For the whole of the next year we would recommend treating yourself to massages at least once monthly – indulge in an hour or two of relaxation to loosen the knots accumulated over the months!

We hope our extensive list have inspired you for new year’s resolutions. To kick start your new years ahead and fulfilling your new year’s resolutions on spoiling yourself, book online with our professional groomers now at!