Your one-way ticket to smooth skin central!

Having sensitive skin is like being allergic to food. It is almost impossible to find something that does not break you out and makes your skin look good. It gets a little frustrating, spending cash and being disappointed when the highly raved about item turns out to be a major flop for your skin type.

However, there are ways to combat that. We could easily say that reading labels is the way to go. But honestly only a handful of people actually know what each chemical does and by handful I mean the scientists that made it.

If you are not sure what sensitive skin entails, it would be something like this:

  • Skin pustules, rashes, red bumps or erosions
  • Extremely dry skin
  • Reddish skin that may resemble blushing or flushing

It is recommended that you check with a dermatologist to get a correct diagnosis. On that note, read on and see if there are any skin care taboos you may be making!


5 Don’ts

Don’t Over Exfoliate.

You may think that you are scrubbing the dirt out but in fact, you are tearing your already sensitive skin apart! Never use harsh exfoliates such as sugar scrubs or rice scrubs. Steer clear of anything that is abrasive and instead stick to a dry face cloth. Gently wipe your face and rinse off.

Don’t Over Clean.

Keeping your face clean is one thing but give it time to adjust itself to the products you are using. Allow your skin to breathe and create oils naturally before stripping them away. Stick to cleansing twice a day at most.

Don’t Use Foaming Cleansers.

It may feel good to see your face foaming and feeling as if you are getting all the gunk out but foaming cleansers are rather drying to the skins. Stick to cleansers that contain soap and does not foam up. Light cleansers like gels are a good replacement.

Don’t Pick at the Pimple.

Leave your face alone. It will heal better with less scarring if you do not pick at it. In fact, picking at it may cause it to get infected which will just lead to a whole new set of problems. Use antiseptic creams to treat popped pimples and scabs. Other than that, allow your skin to heal with minimal intrusion.

Don’t Hide Behind Your Hair.

Sometimes, it gets tempting to hide your forehead and cheek scars behind your hair. However, your hair is not the cleanest and having that all over your face may just introduce more germs and irritants. Keep your hair back and away from the face. Instead, use full coverage foundation for those special events.


5 Do’s

Do Wash Your Face Last.

When you wash your hair, the conditioner will create a layer over your skin which will clog your pores. Keep in mind that you have to wash your face after you wash your hair and body.

Do Stick to Minimal Products.

Honestly, even I fall into the trap of trying every promising skin care product. However, unless you have super hardy skin that is unfazed by anything, do NOT do this! Stick to your basics. Cleanser, toner and moisturisers. No need for any fancy serums and ampoules. Less is more and frankly, it only adds more pressure to your skin to keep absorbing different types of products especially if you keep changing them.

Do Wash Your Pillow Covers Regularly.

You face creates oils and oil are very absorbent. Your pillowcases are sucking them right in and even if you take care of your skin perfectly, it will all be for naught when you lay down. Keep your hygiene up and throw those cases into the washer at least once a week.

Do Apply Sunscreen.

As if we do not have other problems, the sun is out to get us too! Always apply sunblock to protect your skin from over-drying and peeling. Keep it moisturized to ensure your skin doesn’t split and allows germs to enter.

Do Be Gentle.

Be gentle on your face. Soft touches like massaging your skin is way better that rough rubbing motions. Your skin is already sensitive so the harsh pressure is going to make it even more irritated.


Your Diet Can Make or Break Your Skin

While you may have practiced everything mentioned above. Your diet also plays an important part. A healthy diet will also contribute to the general well-being of your skin.

It is a no-brainer that you need to stay away from fast food and additives. Keep your food as fresh as possible and eat lots of greens. Nevertheless, there are some surprises in the list so keep reading!

Guzzle Less Wine

Sad, we know. But you need to say goodbye to your glass of wine for a while till your face gets better. Instead, stick to small doses. A couple of sips would not hurt but check if you have any allergic reactions to it. White wine is safer that red so opt for that but still in small amounts.

Consume Less Dairy

Milk aggravates those with sensitive especially eczema. Switch to almond or coconut milk instead. You could even experiment with goat of sheep’s’ milk to see if it aggravates your skin.

Drink Less Soy

Needless to say, getting fresh soy milk is hard as manufacturers have added preservatives, sweeteners and whatnot to make it taste good. On top of that, soy is also one of the most common allergens and there has been reports of people breaking out into hives from consumption. So, test it out first and see if your skin reacts well to it.

Here’s the happy portion, EATING! Keeping these ingredients in your diet will give your skin a healthier glow.

Drink TONS of Water

Keep yourself hydrated! The weather is getting worse and your skin will be taking the brunt of it as it is your first layer of defence. 2 litres of water a day will give your body energy and allow your skin to freely absorb the moisture it needs. However, do not over drink and harm yourself. If you are not thirsty, no need to keep chugging the entire 2 litres.

Include Red Onions in your meals

These red wonders and chock full of antioxidants and sulphur which produces collagen! Plus, they taste good in almost any meals so go ahead and throw some into your food.

Snack on Tomatoes

These sweet sour veggies provide our body with plenty of nutrients and helps connects our blood vessels. This is especially good for those with dry skin that keeps cracking.

That is all we have for now! Remember to always patch test every product before application and keep yourself hydrated. Here’s to a healthier you with better skin! If you can’t find the perfect soap for your sensitive skin (or organic store bought soaps are simply too pricey), try your hands in making your own soap!