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Please don’t smack me. I’m going to attempt to not sound like a total snob right now, okay? I promise. For the past couple of years (minus my chickenpox), I’ve been told that I have good skin. 


PS: I have extremely sensitive, allergy-prone skin. In contrast to what everyone perceives, I was not born like this. My skin is the result of years of careful monitoring and  healthy routines. 

Everything I have done for my skin is based off websites and articles of people who have done their research. I simply took on the role as a guinea pig.
These tips are the ones that I’ve been using for the past couple of years and I still feel that radiant glow. In my point of view, if it has helped me, I should use it to help others. Knowledge is meant to be shared anyways.

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Not only is Sugar bad for your waistline, it is also an enemy to your skin.
I noticed that whenever I chug down one too many sugar cans, little blemishes will start to appear on my face. After doing some research, it appears that by spiking up your insulin levels, sugar overdoses speeds up aging, causes acne, blemishes and possibly inflammation.

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 This is how my beverage choices go when I am not out treating myself to Milk Tea:

  1. Water
  2. Green Tea
  3. Lemon Water

Water will help cleanse your body effectively; ridding it of toxins. The benefit of Green Tea is not limited to only boosting your metabolism. Rich in Antioxidants, Green Tea has the ability to slow down the effects of aging including wrinkles and sagging skin. Aside from aiding weight loss, Lemon Water can also rejuvenate your skin and keep your face radical-free.

It is time to ditch the soda cans!


Keep in mind that everyone differs from one another in many ways including skin-care.
Usually, people would deem a product suitable if it doesn’t burn their skin or cause irritation when they try it out. I call that a fatal mistake. When you decide to splurge, or purchase any facial product, make it a point to stick to a two week rule. There are times when the effect happens immediately upon application and other times, it takes a while.
In the case you experience breakouts, dryness or blemishes after two weeks of using a specific product, throw it straight or return it if you can. Do not overlook the effects no matter how small it is. Similar to health problems, the effects can  accumulate to a bigger issue.


One of the best & worst thing about being a girl is Make-Up. I absolutely adore my eye shadow palettes & all things that shine! However, too much of a good thing is also a bad thing. As much as I like painting my face like a canvas, I like my bare face equally.

Despite your double or triple cleanses, Make-Up can ultimately be very drying for your face. In fact, your cleansers may be too.

I would suggest a weekly routine of leaving your face make-up free for at least 2 days every week,  or more. By doing so, your bare-face insecurity will not last forever! I read that leaving your skin bare will promote skin rejuvenation. Needless to say, I tried it & I now swear by it.


You are what you eat. 

With that said, watch your diet. For most people, what is happening on the inside will be shown on the outside as well.

I am not one to tell you to take anything out of your diet. I personally eat everything on this planet & I can still keep my skin feeling and looking fresh. 

I believe you don’t need to stress on what to eat and what to avoid, nor do I believe you have to religiously follow a diet plan.
Simply strive for a balanced meal and try to incorporate more SuperFoods into your body. For example, berries, dark cocoa, oats, chia seed, nuts and more. It will not be easy at first but practice makes perfect! It will take some time and discipline but your body and beauty will thank you in the long run.

In the meantime, here are some Do’s-And-Don’ts For Sensitive Skin. At WeStyleAsia, we believe that with inner confidence, comes natural beauty.  Keep following our blog, Facebook and Instagram for more grooming tips!