Day 3 of KL Fashion Week 2017 has dawned upon us!

It was filled with more fashion shows, more designers, and even more fashionistas! Guests were seen going to the booths and taking photos of the fashion vibe at Pavilion Mall. Once again, there were more activities happening all around.

KLFW X RIUH at APW Bangsar

Calling all art lovers, foodies, Instagrammers and hipsters! APW Bangsar is highly known for its indulgence in the creative universe so it comes to no surprise that they are currently hosting a collaboration of KLFW and RIUH. There are platforms in which creatives from every field can showcase their work. From fashion to baked goods and even painting, there is something in it for everyone. KLFW’s collaboration with Riuh of RiuhInTheCity will also have 10 designers selling their apparel. They will be around from August 19th until August 20th, from 11 am to 11 pm, so head on over before their goods are sold out!

Air Asia

AirAsia is a proud sponsor of KL Fashion Week and has popped up a fun little booth of their own! As soon as you come into the main entrance, you will see a bright green screen staring back at you. That will be the AirAsia pop up photo booth. However, this is no ordinary photo booth. You get to pose as you like and it will be turned into a flash file decked with awesome moving strobe lights as the background! It is all absolutely free and as soon as you are done, it will be emailed to you.

Apart from that, they are currently promoting their loyalty programme with pretty neat deals! One of the best deals is if you sign up with a HSBC credit card and spend a minimum of RM1000, you will be able to get 30,000 points! Download their loyalty app now and find out different ways you can redeem points to get a free flight! They are there until August 20th from 10 am to 10 pm at the main entrance of Pavilion Mall so make your way down before it flies away.

Wowsome. NerdUnit. Epson Collaboration

Wowsome is working with NerdUnit and Epson to bring you awesome customizable phone covers and T-Shirts for KL Fashion week! The designs are done in camo, in plain white T-Shirts that come in all sizes inclusive of young children. Those interested can also add in their names and where they are from! They are at level 4 at Pavilion Elite until August 20th daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

Happenings at Bazaar Lounge: Inspirations with Aireen Omar & Pham Ngoc Luu Uyen

Harpers Bazaar had the chance to interview two amazing women! Aireen Omar, the CEO and Executive Director of AirAsia Berhad and Pham Ngoc Luu Uyen, the managing editor of BAZAAR Vietnam. The two ladies spoke about their views of the recent AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2017 and it was nothing but them singing praises to the brilliant participants of the competition. They credited all the designers for giving it their all and went beyond expectations. Aireen noted that they keep the same ASEAN theme as it is something that local designers can relate to.

When asked what the end goal of this competition is, they mentioned that it is always about helping young designers find their ground and helping them achieve their dreams.

Bazaar Workshop with Atelier Fitton: Suit up

Atelier Fitton had a workshop with Bazaar and educated us on the art of suiting up. He emphasised that in order to rock a suit, one must first be confident with themselves. While the style of the suit is essential, the way you carry yourself matters a whole lot as well. He carried on with tips on how to choose the right suit. Flaps at the back of a blazer are important so that when you sit, it flips back, decreasing the intensity of creasing. He brought along a couple of his designs and testified that if he was going to a formal event, he would always stick to the darkest green he can find. In fact, he was wearing dark green during the workshop as well! Atelier mentions that suits should be fun to wear. It does not have to always be all black and white. He recommends getting 3 or 4 shirts and 4 to 5 trousers of different colours, as they are great to mix and match with. His newer designs are moving away from conventional belt loops and have an option for an adjustable waistline, making it easier for those (like myself) who do not want to bother with getting belts.

It gets a little deeper as he talks about how he got started with fashion and design. It started with his fascination of how things worked. He patched up trousers that he cut up to see how the seams work. After a long 7 years of practice, he got better with his sewing and has claimed to have become “one with the machine”.
Do check out his designs and his store which has now moved to a new place at 82-A Jalan Rotan, Kampung Attap, 50460 Kuala Lumpur.

Day 3 is a wrap and with so much going on, day number 4 is going to be epic!

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