Last Friday, the WeStyleAsia team woke up in good spirits to attend THREE AIMING product launch at Isetan The Japan Store, Lot 10. It is needless to say that we could barely hold in our excitement as we made our way to the Masterclass Education Session hosted by no other than the charismatic Miss Careena Yeoh. Aside from being able to treat our skin, we were also able to treat our ever growing bellies to several sweet & savory treats throughout the session! YUM!

Two words: Natural Beauty

THREE’S AIMING LINE is an anti-aging skincare line that emphasises the need of a healthy relationship between beautiful skin and femininity by relying on various blends of essential oils and fats from selected potent botanicals. These botanicals include Rose Oil, Fennel Oil, Peony extract and more! In fact, up to 90% of each product under THREE AIMING come from naturally derived ingredients known to not only relieve stress and ease sleep but also aids the female hormones by balancing it out.

All of the products making THREE AIMING was carefully curated for all ages to preserve the skin’s natural healthy glow. Each harmonious blend capable of intensifying the softness, elasticity, smoothness and moisture of our skin; leaving the skin feeling fresh inside and out.  

Here’s what we learned and loved about Three Aiming Collection

Three Aiming Cleansing Balm

In order to restore the skin to its natural state of charm, THREE AIMING CLEANSING BALM is a rich mixture of botanical power houses great for softening and rejuvenating properties. This versatile tub can also act as a treatment mask upon application. Simply massage a coin sized dollop of the balm into your face to promote healthy skin cells by boosting blood circulation.

Three Aiming Lotion

The combination of plant water and hot spring water in THREE AIMING LOTION enables the product to seep into under the many layers in order to treat dryness from within. All you will need is 3 pumps of the THREE AIMING LOTION on a regular basis to enhance hydration as it was designed to optimize moisture absorption.

Three Aiming Emulsion

To stimulate a healthy glow, THREE AIMING also includes an EMULSION that caters to maintaining the natural radiance and transparency of our skin. Infused with Rose water, Apple fruit water and Hot spring water, THREE AIMING EMULSION strengthens our skin’s water retaining capability. Thus, leaving our skin feeling moist all day long.

Three Aiming Cream

Small but powerful, THREE AIMING CREAM may be a petite tub but it packs quite a punch.

The cream is a top blend of various botanical fats and oils rich with skin benefiting properties that are capable of enhancing the overall smoothness of skin. With just two pearl sized amounts, the cream can also double up as a protective film to protect the skin from external aggressors for long hours. Feel free to apply your favored UV protection for optimum results! Furthermore, it will also sustain your skin’s elasticity and flexibility.


Lesson of the day?

Size does not matter wink*.

Special thanks to Three Aiming for the exclusive preview on the product range!


About THREE Products

Made in Japan, THREE products are based on achieving balance of the mind, body and skin. It actively supports the skin by boosting its natural mechanism to enhance the skin to become what it was born to be. Under the lead of its makeup Creative Director, Rie Omoto, who is a New York, based makeup artist, the brand boasts a complete, beautiful skincare and makeup line– acting as secondary skincare to enhance beauty while nourishing your skin – with finest ingredients, texture and quality.