By Caitlyn Tcy

Luck must have been on my side yesterday! When Ka-Sha dropped by WeStyleAsia’s booth for a quick touch-up before her KLFWRTW showcase, I was fortunate enough to have a friendly discussion with the bubbly designer about her thoughts on grooming and the story behind her creations.

During the interview, Ka-Sha enthusiastically shared that her love for travelling is what keeps her going when I curiously asked her about her inspiration behind her collections. She then described herself as an adventurous soul due to her love for all that is new; she gathers inspiration from new people she encounters and places she visits while globetrotting in style. “Everything is about new experiences and first times!” With that said, Ka-Sha feels grateful to have the chance to not only further her fashion label but also travel the world at the same time in her line of work.

The down to earth designer is also a huge advocate for all things natural. Namely, beauty and grooming. To Ka-Sha, grooming should be important to everyone as it allows others to make surface impressions. Did you know that first impressions are made under 7 seconds? The designer is not oblivious to the issue of peer pressure and scrutiny as she proceeded to encourage others to take pride in being themselves despite the possible negative judgements made. She strongly hopes that others would groom themselves in a way that speaks their personality instead of trying to fit in.

Regarding her experience in the fashion industry, she stresses that it was and is still a learning process for her and everyone she works with. “We keep learning as we grow and meet new people” Ka-Sha willingly shared her vision for her collections and said that she will strive to make her series look more casual and suitable for daily wear in the future. “Clothes are meant to be worn not hung in the closet,” stated Ka-Sha. I could not agree more!

Before my time with Ka-Sha came to an end, the designer mentioned that she plans to play with more techniques for her collections in the near future. To the designer, the lines are not so easily drawn in between fashion and art. Instead, she prefers to see things in grey rather than plain black and white. “I want to make art and design come together to ensure the best quality for others”.

My verdict? Ka-Sha is as refreshing to the soul as her fashion sense is to the eyes.