By Caitlin Tcy

I am pleased to say that the second day of KLFWRTW was a real feast for the eyes! All of my attention was on the runway as I marvelled at the series of talent that Malaysia has to proudly offer. The styles and nature of yesterday’s string of designers were so different from one showcase to another that I ended up with one too many favourites. Help me, I have no idea which one we liked best! Lucky for me, I do not have to choose.

However, one thing I am certain of is that one of the best parts of the day was having the opportunity to share a friendly conversation with wanderbug, Ka-Sha when she dropped by WeStyleAsia’s booth at Harper’s Bazaar in Pavillion for a quick make-up touch-up prior to her showcase later that night.

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Ka-Sha’s fashion sense was like a breath of fresh air for me. The pieces featured by the gorgeous designer from India resembled a live canvas of colours; pastel tones, warm tones and cold tones. You name it, Ka-Sha has got it. The showcase, all in all, was something entirely different and a new experience for the audience and myself.

Ka-Sha’s parade of colours was not the only highlight of the day. The designer shared the stage with many other promising talents including Nigel Chia, Eric Choong, MIMPIKITA, Justin Chew, Thavia by Tengku , Nelissa Hilman and several others.

Since young, the praised Nigel Chia always knew fashion was his calling as he withdrew himself from the field of medicine and immersed himself in the complex world of fashion. Since his debut in the Malaysian fashion scene, he made it an effort to ensure that his work never strays from one that is made of heart; passion. Nigel Chia introduces his newest creations this year at KLFWRTW2017 with elegance and gracefulness. The audience held their breath as his exquisite collection was introduced with ruffles and lace details.

The series that followed was the work of no other than local designer Justin Chew whose career in fashion begun as soon as he enrolled in college. Talk about credibility! The audience of KLFWRTW first got a taste of his edgy creations 3 years ago during KLFW2014 when he teamed up with Nestwo, a local graffiti artist to give birth to pieces inspired by 90s hip hop. This year, Justin Chew’s work did not stray far from his reputation of being a street-style genius as he presents JTNC’s newest ready to wear line.

Can you hear that telephone ring? That’s the bank calling to warn me about my soon-to-be empty bank account.

THAVIA’s series for KLFWRTW this time around is bound to bring fashion to the workplace with trendy smart casuals and semi-formals. If I could, I would buy everything! Catering to strong and determined women of the century, the ladies behind THAVIA, Tengku Chanela Jamidah and Angie Lai-Tay’s gets their inspiration from style icons and strong business women, both the brains behind THAVIA strives to provide pieces that are able to give women a dash of flare on a daily basis.

In celebration of the Farah Khan label’s 10th year anniversary, Farah Khan has given the audience at KLFWRTW an experience no one will be able to forget. Her showcase was pure entertainment starting with her effort to introduce her friends at the beginning of the show titled “Friends of Farah Khan”. The mentioned segment included a number of the label’s biggest supporters and their adorable kids styled with creations of the label taking over the runway. Needless to say, I went wild when fresh baby-faces no taller than 3 Feet showed off their catwalk.

The Farah Khan show transitioned from striking beachwear with white floral knitting as overalls to sportswear paired with bedazzled caps. Remember when Hollywood highlighted Kristen Steward’s habit of mixing both casual attire and ruffle skirts fit for a whole night of dancing? The designer did that on the runway last night as well. The fun does not end there, Folks. Farah Khan also cleverly designed sequined abstracts on dresses with reference to classic craft masters such as Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris and Henri Matisse.

Well, I only have one thing left to say… Keep the surprises coming, KLFW! I can barely wait to see more.

A jaw-dropping display of creativity from all the designers at KLFW 2017, leaving us with nothing but smiles! That was not all, the rest of the event held surprises of its own with interactive booths and workshops – check it out!

Bring on Day 3!