The designers on Day 4 kept us on the edge of our seats!

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, a time for our local designers to take over the stage and showcase their best and ultimate works. As KLFW rolls out on the runway for the 5th time in celebration of diversity in fashion, each year it keeps getting bigger and bolder.

Today, we were overwhelmed with 21 amazing designers! From the quirkiest of designs from Schmiley Mo to the elegance of Syomirizwa Gupta, I was at one point confused at which style I aspired to carry.

Everything was just so beautiful!


The most captivating show yet as the model’s’ body and face were completely covered as they walked down the aisle to showcase Takuya Morikawa designs. His works had a very edgy, with a “dash of Yeezy”, vibe to it which could easily please the Millennials of our time. Pairing an oversized top and a fitted bottom, Takuya made street-style more approachable and sensational. Shout-out to my future man, get yourself a few pieces from Taakk!


This Japanese label has been making waves in Malaysia since its conception 21 years ago!

The founder of Eclipse, Sonny San, had started the label in 1996, after being in the industry for several years since he debuted in the fashion world in 1979. Having a genuine appreciation and understanding for the female form, Taakk believes every woman is beautiful in their own unique way.

“Through the sensual drapes and folds created from carefully chosen fabrics, I give women confidence, emphasise their femininity and inspire their individual beauty,” he said in Female Magazine.

Eclipse continues to grow given the amount of positive attention it is and has been receiving over the years. Today, there are stores in six different countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Inspired and stunningly portrayed by artist Nobuhio Nakanish’s oh-so-dreamy Layer Drawing art series, the Eclipse Runway Collection KLFW2017 was in for a treat!

The most captivating show yet, Sonny’s designs have long been a favourite of many and we know they will remain on everyone’s to-wear list for years to come. As I watch the models fashionably strut their way on stage, all I could think about was the amazing directory displayed throughout the catwalk.

With covered faces, these models accentuate a rather sentimental tone as the music was semi-solemn, their walk was kept at a slow pace as the music was less upbeat. It reflects the tribute intended for Sonny. The designs were kept minimal and monochromatic.


Known for his relaxed style, Afiq Mohamed never fails to disappoint us with his easy-breezy style of creativity. As I watched the models carry his designs across the runway, it had a very metropolitan vibe to it, which makes it excellent for us to also wear to work! It had a very young and chic vibe to with the polka dots on its design. This was something new for us in a way as we don’t normally see Malaysians with polka dots these days. So perhaps if we start wearing more polka dots, I reckon it would be something fresh and encouraging. And of course, after witnessing his collection, it reminded so much of the famous 90’s series The Nanny and we all know anything nanny Fine does is fashionable and acceptable!

Syomirizwa Gupta:

Where do I even begin with this designer? Not only was I extremely excited but I was confident that his show would be amazing! As the music builds and eager faces gleamed throughout the hall, the first model entered the runway. It was breathtaking! It felt like a scene from Aladdin, the designs were so flowy and regal, the intricacy and the brazen choice of colours were fantastic. Orange was the trending colour this year and not just any kind of orange, but a dark shade of orange. Most of the colours Gupta used had a very deep essence to it, with the combination of the patterns used, it was brilliant!

One of the many pieces that caught my attention was the short sleeved blazer and dress. I have never seen a pairing like that before, setting a tone for the rest of the show, leaving me impressed.

Sazzy Falak:

Who does not know the lovable Sazzy Falak!? It was very interesting how she chose to collaborate with Converse, not-to-mention a relief for the models walking down the catwalk in comfortable shoes. Sazzy’s style is casual, yet she still manages to add a dash of class to it, by incorporating some of the rock/bohemian styles she is very inspired by; you are guaranteed to look like a rockstar in her outfits!

She chose to go with mustard yellow and deep orange as the base palette for her designs, a very trendy colour. Not an uncommon colour for KLFW 2017! A shade that reflects royalty and class, a nod to everyone in Aladdin’s universe.

The biggest surprise of them all, Sazzy had designed suede sweats! Who would have thought the day would come when that much suede would be ever worn in a single outfit! She definitely made it work.

Reclothing Bank China:

Zhang Na, an independent fashion designer and founder of the Chinese brand Fake Natoo. Reclothing means remaking and redesigning second-hand clothes, while Bank means a platform for circulation and exchange of old materials.

Utilising designs to give life to old garments, that concept blew me away.

Zhang had paired a lot of large with small sizes and I believe, when he combines these two contrasting sizes with one another, it allows us to better appreciate the design and outfit as a whole. Zhang has also mixed two different materials and patterns, for instance, stripes and checkers on a single piece. This season is turning out to be a daring one!

Melinda Looi:

Melinda Looi’s show was breathtaking and full of surprises, I was mesmerised by her innovation and creativity! I wanted to find out how Melinda Looi’s mind worked, taking all of us on a beautiful journey via her exquisite designs.

Stocking over heels? Umbrella for your bag? Fabulous. First, we had Ikea’s version of Balenciaga but now, our very own local pasar mini’s pink transparent plastic bag has turned into a fashion statement? Can she ever slow down, that is the question. With her partnership with Epson, Melinda’s makes sure her designs were extra detailed and intricate! If I ever receive an invitation to a black tie affair, let’s just say I’ll be visiting Melinda’s store first.

The lavish display of inventiveness from all the designers at KLFW 2017, left us truly inspired! The rest of the event held surprises of its own with interactive booths and workshops by some very famous names – check it out!