It was day 4 of KL Fashion Week and there is only a day left before the fashion extravaganza shuts its doors until next year.

It was an amazing day filled with fashionistas and more designs taking centre stage on the runway. Guests were still steadily coming by in support of the fashion industry, some claiming that Malaysia will soon reach a place where fashion will become vital and more talented designers will begin emerging. No worries if you were not able to make it, we have got you covered. Check out what happened:


Vivo is the official smartphone for KLFW 2017. We had the opportunity to test it out and the results were excellent! Crystal clear graphics with 20MP makes selfies so much less stressful and even more epic! They had a Vivo Night OOTD Contest and over the course of a few days, everyone got glammed up and were busy raising their arms to the sky, snapping away to get that perfect shot. Winners were announced through Instagram so you can go check out Vivo Malaysia to see the awesome snapshots that the guests took!

Tune Talk

To quote the official Telco for KLFW 2017 “Highlight Those Cheekbones!” Tune Talk had a promotion for their packages and had set up a dressing table decked with bulb lights! Guests were busy touching up their makeup and felt like total celebs while doing so. Plus, those that Registered or Reloaded at their booth, got a special edition box of 3 FAME Lipstick from Tune Talk!

Tune Talk was also the proud sponsor of designers such as Zsay X MFKS, Kit Woo, Schmiley Mo by Diana Rikasari, CMDI & Ezatti Amira. The entire show was upbeat with vibrant colours and innovative designs. The runway was filled with fashion-forward designs that inspired one’s fashion taste buds. Some designers kept it safe but bold by using monochromatic themes while others went all-out Mardi Gras! There were colours, balloons and funky hats that made the experience more enjoyable than your usual runway walk. It was almost a festival! While enjoying the visual euphoria, we could not help but feel a little nostalgic. The themes were similar to nineties cartoons we grew up with and some just reminded us of those fun-fairs that we used to go to when we were kids. It was indeed a proud moment to know that we have such talented local designers in our midst and cannot wait to see what else they come up with!

Happenings at Bazaar Lounge: Workshop with Andrew Tan.

Harper’s Bazaar hosted a workshop with the founder of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, Ready To Wear, Andrew Tan. The workshop talked about how Andrew scouts for models and what it takes to be a model. He mentioned that scouting for models has become more accessible as almost everyone has an Instagram page that is always filled with good shots. He revealed that he looks through a profile that seems interesting to find out more about the individual’s lifestyle and personality. Andrew admitted that while it helps to be 175 centimetres tall, a good face that suits advertising is also considered modelling. Plus, he emphasised that no matter how good that individual may look, it all boils down to personality. Someone with professionalism, woven tightly with humbleness will go a long way.

When asked what he often looks out for in a model, he stated that he expects them to look presentable. Dress well with hair and makeup cleanly done will definitely earn points from him. Andrew also strongly expressed his opinion on super short denim pants. He has no qualms on short pants in general but those that are cut off at the crotch goes over the line for him. He even goes so far to say that he is not hesitant to call out those who parade around in those hot pants in his workspace.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you are planning on joining Andrew’s Models and own a pair of those said daisy dukes, we suggest you toss them out or better yet, set it on fire.