Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, Ready To Wear has finally shut its door for the year 2017.

Despite being the last day, the crowd was still flowing in and their fashion styles were still glowing. Runway shows kept going and models kept strutting down the runway. This time however, we had a couple of international designers showcasing their designs. It was definitely the highlight of the day to see well-known brands giving us a preview of their new collections. There were other activities taking place while awaiting the fashion shows to begin. Check out what happened down below:

Fast & Fabulous Makeup tips with Kim Rose of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

We had the ultimate opportunity to interview none other than the bubbly Director of Education & Artistry in Asia Pacific of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Kim Rose! and watched how she worked her makeup magic. We decided to make the most out of the interview and asked her questions about how we could apply makeup as fast as possible and the best products to use to ensure that our makeup still looks good all day because, let’s face it, we want to treasure the very little sleep we get and that means turning makeup time into sleeping time.

Watch the full live interview with Kim Rose on “makeup how-to’s” for a gorgeous glow! You can check out Bobbi Brown’s Facebook page and watch how the expert hands of Kim Rose work! We will reveal the full interview soon so stay tuned for our next post!

Happenings at Bazaar: Designer Interview with Ellie Norman and Sharifah Bahiyah

The Bazaar Lounge was graced by the presence of the ever creatively fabulous duo, Elli Norman and Sharifah Bahiyah! The ladies chatted about how the inspirations behind their collections with Ellie stating that she wanted to go for a flowy and bouncy feel. Sharifah, however, wanted to incorporate more abstracts into her collection. The direction of the conversation changed to how they would describe their personal style and both ladies laughingly admitted that they switched their styles today. Ellie revealed that her style is usually more colourful and bright while Sharifah tends to stick to the classic black. They ended the session by noting that they loved the fact that KLFW this year featured louder and bolder colours compared to last year. We could not agree more, ladies!

With that, we close the curtains for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017. It truly incorporated everything we loved about the fashion world. There was style, glamour, diversity, patriotism and most importantly, there was passion. It was clear to see that everyone who came to watch and support the designers loved fashion. The hard work that pours into every stitched piece of clothing stems from the passion these designers have, to create original works of art. It was almost emotional to see how people from different walks of life come together to celebrate a beloved event.

Sponsors alike took part in KLFW 2017 and gave their support whole heartedly, ensuring guests could be part of the event by having fun activities that they could participate in. From merchandise to photo booths and even workshops, there was a lot to do even if people did not attend the fashion shows. It truly was an experience like no other and we cannot wait for KLFW 2018 to arrive! In the meantime, we are going to look out for our fave designers and keep our fingers crossed that they make a comeback next year as well!