You must have heard and read about a million skincare products by now so how can I possibly convince you about this one?

Well, no matter what you decide after reading this, at least I can say that I have tried the very least to convince you about the great benefits of this particular brand! So for starters, let me describe to you a scenario of how much effort and dedication was put in the making of Melissachens High Performance Skincare.

We spoke to the founder herself who has over 36 years of experience in the industry, looking radiant as ever, Melissa Chen was kind enough to enlighten us about her journey and mission.

Why Skincare:

In her early 20s, Melissa started to reflecting upon her life’s angle of interest.

I found myself asking, “what IS my interest?” One day, my aunt asked me if I would like to work part-time in direct selling. I agreed to join my aunt, and from this I travelled around Malaysia frequently, introducing and selling her product.

“When I was in East Malaysia, I was amazed when a large number of women attended my talk regarding skincare,” she said, adding how this made her realise that there are a handful of audience out there who still do not have a strong grasp on the topic and are actually eager to more about skincare.

Based on her observation over the years, she discovered that women generally age faster than men due to pregnancy, stress and many other factors. From then, Melissa vowed to prevent or slow down ageing effects, and also found herself wondering how she can help women from facing a similar prospect.

Why I Do What I Do:

“We all know that ageing is inevitable, it’s God-given and something we can never escape from,” she relayed.

So instead, Melissa opted to reinvent the system by inventing a skincare range that could help men and women to age slower!

Inspired and motivated to contribute to society, Melissa wanted to ensure everyone can have better skin by simply appreciating and taking care of it.

So she focused all her energy and work to break into the extremely competitive beauty industry. She decided to make her own range of skincare that she solely believes in.

Think of it this way; if there was an amazing skincare product in the market that can do wonders to your skin, with no doubt will Melissa buy it herself instead of spending years of her life inventing her own one.

Reese Witherspoon once said in her 2015 Glamour’s Women of the Year speech, “If you want something done, do it yourself,” and that’s exactly what Melissa did as she felt there was still a vacuum in the skincare market.

Melissachens High Performance Skincare is made fully out of botanica ingredients from Swiss Alps, Switzerland. Believing strongly in plant-based ingredients, one of the reasons Melissa chose ingredients from foreign lands is due to less pollution occurrence as opposed to other countries.

From acne to sensitive skin, Melissa’s customers are dealing with a lot as they come knocking on her beauty salon door, seeking aid.

Skincare 101: Melissachens High Performance Skincare

To slow down the accelerated factor of your ageing, Melissachens assures that their products and treatment will results for healthy, beautiful and youthful skin that lasts for the longest time.

The formulation of every Melissachens product is embraced with 4 guiding principles which are to Repair, Restore, Protect and Nourish through daily treatment routines for more faster and visible results.

Feedbacks From Melissa Chen’s Users

“This is a wonderful product and this has helped me cleared my skin vastly,” she shared with us during the interview. Both men and women have sought aid here at Melissachen’s Beauty Skin Salon and to date, she can proudly admit she has not heard of a single negative feedback.

Some even told her, since using her products, they are even getting less tanned! That means, not only does this product gives you great skin quality, but it also acts as an excellent sunblock.

Time to toss out what’s left of your drugstore sunscreen, folks.

If you combine the usage of the product with the treatment, Melissa promises that your journey to a smooth and youthful skin would be very fast.

“Just by undergoing two treatments, you can already see instant results. Imagine the amazing transformation after a months’ worth of treatments,” she said enthusiastically.

Based on Melissa’s observation, when you begin to take notice of your deteriorating skin quality, your insecurities will start slipping in. So she advocates beautiful skin as people radiate confidence with flawless skin.

At-Home Routines With Melissachens:

Melissa recommends the following routines to adapt and practice at home for flawless skin:

Routines to practice daily: Cleanse, Tone, Serum, Moisturize and Sun Block

Routines to practice weekly: Exfoliation Peel and Mask

She also relayed that all of the effects in Melissa Chen’s High Performance products are highly flexible and customised to each individual’s skin; depending on how much you would like to maximise those ingredients for a more instant result.

“Our retail products are highly effective with premium quality ingredients and in many cases achieved better results than many big branded skincare products in the market,” added Melissa.

Currently, Melissa Chen has her sleeves rolled up as she’s brewing up something exciting in the near future!

So to all Malaysians, if you want results, head down to any of the Melissachens Skin Beauty Spa and within a couple of weeks, you won’t even need makeup before leaving your home.