Tackling the types of massage, you need to give yourself a great relaxing time.

By Serah Lim

Our daily lives could be stressful especially when we meet with tight deadlines or crazy requests. Stress is not going to help with our well-being and definitely will be adding more fine lines and wrinkles on our faces. When we get stressed, our bodies get tensed and hormones go crazy.
Like everyone else, I too have my stressed moments and I find myself looking for great massages, be it a spa deal or even a simple massage that one could do at home.

I find myself thinking about the types of massages I would want and while we are looking to relax, we are stressing out to pick the right one… Did you know that each one is formulated for different purposes? Here is a simple cheat sheet of the most popular massages!

HOME FACIAL RELAXATION – A quick fix when you need it at any time.

To help your face relax and fight of the fines lines and wrinkle, a quick home facial relaxation technique is here to help. This quick face massage technique not only helps you relax, it also helps your skin to absorb your skincare products better when incorporated together.

The massage technique in the picture is a simple one where you move your fingers along your face accordingly to the guide and gently apply some pressure at points nearest to your bones. There are a number of different home facial massage techniques that you can use. They are inexpensive yet definitely helps you relax; all you need is your favourite skincare product and cleans hands.

SWEDISH MASSAGE – For that full body relieve or for first timers.

Swedish massage is a very common massage technique that is widely used in clinics, spas, as well as gyms. It is a technique that works around your physiology and anatomy. The massage therapist would incorporate some oil or lotion into the massage routine along with different types of strokes to destress your body.
If you are a first timer to body massages or need to recover from some minor injuries, this is the one for you. It is far gentler for you to enjoy the experience and relax.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE – To unwind and heal

If you love different scents, you will definitely love aromatherapy massage. Aromatherapy massage works with Swedish massage techniques and essential oils to help with an overall mind and body healing.

The essential oil blends are curated to help combat specific problems or for general well-being, dependant on what you are looking for. Essential oils are extracted from various plants to give you the healing properties as well those wonderful relaxing scents. I am sure everyone by now would know that lavender and roses promote relaxation.
Just make sure you are not allergic to any plants used in the essential oil and speak to your therapist if you are looking for general relaxation or for specific problems such as insomnia.

HOT STONE MASSAGE – To relieve your body from those tight muscles

Are you experiencing muscle tightness and want to seek relief? You might want to try a hot stone massage. As the name implies, the massage involves using heated hot stones or rather heated volcanic rocks and placing them at the specific points on your body.
The therapist would also be using the stones to work on relaxing your muscles in places like your shoulder blades, neck, or even lower back. The heat transferred from the stone would allow the muscles to relax better.

However, for those with medical problems or are taking blood thinning medication, you may want to consult your doctors before signing up for a hot stone massage session.

Thai Massage – For that energising relaxation

My personal favourite is definitely Thai Massage! When I was in Phuket, I practically went for Thai Massage at least twice throughout my whole 4 days stay there.

This is a form of massage that leaves you feeling relaxed yet energised. It is a combination of Yoga, stretching, as well as compressing movements to help with realigning your energy and reducing stress while working on improving your flexibility. Think of it as an assisted Yoga where you do not really have to do much but allow the therapist to guide you throughout the session.

You will have your massage done fully clothed and on a mat on while the therapist does a sequence of compressions along your body, working with your energy. You will feel relieved of muscle spasms or even back pains.

Do not be intimidated with the types of massages a place may offer. Talk to your therapists and understand what they have to offer; find one that you would want to experience to begin your journey to a relaxed body and mind. Remember to let loose and enjoy the pampering. Find a way to unwind and relax, try meditation, you can do it at home and it keeps you looking vibrant!

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