Activities to Destress in 60 Minutes Or Less!

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We all know the end of the year is a great time to relax and unwind, especially if you are going on a well-earned vacay, hosting a festive celebration at your place or attending one, or generally want to destress and rejuvenate. So we’ve compiled some stress-free activities for you to indulge in and take a step back from!


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Ain’t nothing a massage can’t fix! Make massage a regular part of your well-being routine as it helps to lower stress, increase circulation, normalize blood pressure, and generally brighten your mood! Heal, relax, and stress-relieve in 60 minutes or less!

  1. Traditional Thai Massage by Serenity Telawi

Sometimes, all we need is a full body massage to work away those knots accumulated from stress over the years. The traditional Thai Massage combines acupressure, Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures to relieve deep muscle pain. Indulge in 60 minutes of Thai Massage to replenish your mind, body and soul.

  1. Hot Stone Foot Massage by Sifu Reflexology & Wellness

Our feet bears the weight of daily activities. When was the last time you pampered your feet? During the Hot Stone Massage, the masseuse uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands to melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness and increase circulation. Enjoy one hour of hot stone therapy to rejuvenate your feet.

  1. Holistic Massage by Tanamera

Holistic Massage has been used for thousands of years as one of the most beneficial ways of keeping the body free from stress and illness. Grab a top to toe relaxation massage for the ultimate indulgence.



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Facing a hairy situation,simply looking for a dramatic updo? If you’re simply looking for an excuse to show off some smooth pins on your upcoming holidays, weddings, or celebrations, we have some good news for you! Trust us when we say the right haircut will make you feel like a million dollars!

  1. Hair Cut & Wash for Men & Women at ISH Salon

Ain’t nobody got time for a bad hair day, so get a quick fix and “cut” away those splits ends and worry with a trim and add-on a wash too! Book your haircut ranging between 45 – 60 minutes today!

  1. Wash & Blow by Tomopro

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge, so get a quick blow dry in 30 minutes for fabulous hair and no flyaways. Perfect if you’re rushing for a wedding! Let the pros take the stress away so you can flaunt your hair with no worries!

  1. Waxing/ Threading by Lacquer Couture

Are your brows ready for the holiday? Any fuzzy stuff that should not be seen by your family, friends or significant other? If you prefer “smooth” sailing during your year end vacation and celebration, don’t forget to book a waxing or threading session soon!


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Wanna have the face that can launch a thousand ships? It all comes down to your facial skincare! Splurge on high-quality facial treatment with facials in 60 minutes or less to stand out amongst your family and friends with smooth and glowing skin in the upcoming festive season!

  1. Hydrating Quench Ultrasonic Facial by Murad

Always facing (pardon the pun) dry skin? Squeeze in some time for a hydrating facial treatment from the pros to rejuvenate those dry skin cells after a long year of working hard. See instant smoother and silkier skin texture!

  1. Luminous Skin Treatment by Melissa Chens

If you have dull-looking skin with early signs of fine lines, you might wanna consider this treatment. Nourish and hydrate your skin to glow with optimum luminosity from this massage that uses essential oils.

  1.  Premier Cru Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial by Caudalie

Looking and feeling young can be a confidence booster, especially if you start to face the signs of ageing.  Gift yourself the gift of luxury with this beauty treatment designed to fade your wrinkles and fine lines, and boost younger and radiant complexion!


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  1. Shape & Polish by Glitters Nails & Waxing Salon

Everyone should get a regular shape-and-polish treatment for their nails! This basic manicure treatment should be a monthly practice to keep unsightly cuticles at bay! Opt for the regular ol’ shape & polish in 60 minutes or opt for the OPI treatment in half the time!

  1. Standard Mani/ Pedi by Perfect Nails Salon

Treat your hand and tootsies with the most basic nail care service – manicure and pedicure! A good nail grooming will leave your hands feeling clean and rejuvenated! The treatment lasts for 45 minutes so you can sneak in some snacking time before your appointment if you’re rounding it to a good hour.

  1. Nail Art Design by Nail & Foot Spa

Of course, no festive season is complete without funky nail art designs! Match your nails on your holiday and festive moods! Express your personality and fun vibes with funky nail arts, with each nail art taking around 15 minutes per nail!


And there you have it, relaxing activities to enjoy and pamper yourself, in 60 minutes or less! Get ready for your holidays or celebrations and start indulging now by visiting to book your preferred professional grooming services!