Start bookmarking these sites to enjoy great deals!

Set a reminder on your phone and clear your schedule because #MyCyberSale is back! #MYCYBERSALE is Malaysia’s biggest online sale where many of your favourite brands will be participating in the much-anticipated shopping event of the year from 9th to 13thof October 2017! Some of the amazing offers includes products from the electronics, food, education, sport apparels categories and many more! Psst… Don’t miss out on the great deals on skincare and beauty brands that are up for grabs!

No time? Don’t stress! We have listed down the participating beauty brands for you with jaw-dropping #MyCyberSale deals just for you! Time to break the piggy bank and stock up!

1. WeStyleAsia

Kicking off this exciting list is none other than WeStyleAsia! WeStyleAsia is the ultimate online destination that connects a plethora of beauty and grooming services for you to personalise and book their services anytime, anyday, anywhere! They have the perfect treat to satisfy your #MyCyberSale cravings: Book any services from at and use the code WSANEW to get RM30 off! That’s RM15 off per use (maximum of 2 uses) for “first-time” users.

2. Hermo

Of course, everyone knows Hermo! They are known for their massive K-Beauty discounts and now ventured to the west! Recently, Hermo launched a #MYCYBERSALE EARLY SURPRISE from the 15th to 18th of September where fans purchased #MyCyberSale rebate vouchers. Don’t fret if you missed the offer! You can still check out their website on the 9th of October onwards to find out if your favourite K-Beauty brands are on sale!

3. Dermalogica

Dermalogica is another premium brand of skin care that emphasizes the importance of healthy skin! They focus on making your skin super flawless and super healthy. Look out for them during the sale because they are offering up to 20% discount for their skin care products on the official website!

4. Zalora

Ah, Zalora. The holy grail of every shopaholic! They have spoilt us with endless beauty and fashion brands. They have also jumped on the MyCyberSale train! One of their #MyCyberSale offers includes bestowing 20% off any RM180 purchase when keying in the code CYBER2017 at the checkout page.

5. B-Liv

B-Liv is another brand in the #MyCyberSale beauty line up! They take their skin care seriously and to prove it, they are dropping up to 80% discounts during the #MyCyberSale promo period! Check out their page and keep an eye out for specific products!

6. Elianto

Most of us know Elianto from their extensive collection of nail polishes. They have geared up for the #MyCyberSale promotion with discounts up to 90% OFF on nail care, makeup, skincare and fragrances too!

7. The Face Shop

This Korean beauty brand has a strong fan following with the appeal in their chic packaging and collaborations with animation brands such as DreamWorks and Disney! Fans can expect up to 66% off on their products during the #MyCyberSale.

8. Uniqlo

From minimalist designs to designer collaborations, Uniqlo constantly dishes out fabulous and comfy designs! They are doing everything on the down low right now which keeps us on the edge of our seats, so do check them out to see what they have in store for the #MyCyberSale!

9. The Olive Tree

This homegrown all-natural beauty brand has made a big impact since its establishment in 2015. Their soaps are all handmade and organic suiting those with sensitive skin! They have other products that range from hair care, oils to scrubs!

10. Natta Cosme


With FREE delivery for purchases above RM70, international shipping and 2 FREE samples with EVERY purchase, you definitely need to bookmark Natta Cosme Website! The website carries a variety of popular Korean and Japanese skin care products that we would love to get our hands on!

11. Chique

Chique is a Malaysian-based makeup brand that currently focuses on lipsticks as their main product range. They have stunning matte liquid lipsticks that have definitely caught our eyes (and lips)! Make sure to check them out from the 9th – 13th of October for more exciting #MyCyberSale deals as low as RM10!

12. Yoskin

The K-beauty trend just keeps on giving! This website also pays tribute to the K-Beauty trend by offering us TOP-notch beauty brands from across the globe. For the #MyCyberSale promotion, Yoskin focuses on Korean sheet masks and discounts up to 60% off! Time to stock up, people!

13. UrCosme

Here’s another popular K-beauty website that delivers nothing but the best K-Beauty products to our doorstep! UrCosme is having a massive #MyCyberSale blowout with discounts up to 99%! Yes, you read that right! On top of that, purchases arrive with FREE samples, satisfying the Malaysian-ness in us.

14. OhMostWanted

Malaysia is the home of top celebrities who own beauty brands and OhMostWanted is on that list! They currently focus on an amazing array of foundations and lipsticks in many shades. Check them out and explore their awesome #MyCyberSale discounts right now!

15.  ERH

Calling all nature lovers! ERH is the perfect brand for you. We would recommend for everyone to incorporate eco-friendlier products into their beauty regime. This beauty brand carries gentle-to-all-skin-type products that ranges from makeup, skincare and even baby products. Keep tabs on them as they have RM2,000 worth of gifts and vouchers up for grabs!

16. Vercato

Fill up your shopping needs (and wardrobe!) and stock up on modern Baju Kurungs! Vercato is a high-end fashion label born in Malaysia that has won the vote from the top online shopping fashion boutique Zalora, for 2016 Best Baju Kurung and Baju Kurung Moden designs in the Baju Muslimah category! They are going to have a massive clearance sale for their Raya 2017 collection so we highly suggest for you to get ready and prepare yourselves before they sell out!

We hope this list will satisfy your inner shopping monster. We highly recommend the following tips to avoid overspending:

  1. Stick to a budget and a shopping list to avoid overspending
  2. Open a few tabs of your favourite beauty e-stores to compare prices!

Once you have stocked up on your cosmetics, be sure to check out these local beauty gurus on how to put your makeup to good use!