How It Works

1. Search

Search for your trusted grooming professionals based on location, services, stylists and name of outlets.

You can also extend your search to be more accurate with our available filtering fields. Upon selecting, a complete list of findings will be listed for you to review

2. Review

We know when it comes to grooming and beauty, quality and service of a professional is what matters most. We also understand your frustration during the times you have a bad hair day and you just need one great and reliable stylist to get you stylish back again!

For better selection, you can now review professional’s portfolio, salon design, customers’ visit ratings & feedbacks, price and operating hours. If it’s a lazy weekend for you, go and review who offers on demand services near you and get grooming done directly from your comfy home.

3. Book

Because we know how active your lifestyle is, it’s always easier to get your grooming booked within fingertips directly from your smartphone. With this, you are always ready to stay stylish effortlessly wherever you are, whether at business meetings or casual evening gatherings with friends.

Leave the rest of communication work with your selected professionals to us and we will sort out your appointment. Sit back, relax and wait for a notification on your mobile when your appointment confirms!